Just wanted you all toknow I'm glad I found the Caprags nothing else has came closet o comfort and staying on your head like these  Thanks
                                                        Ricky,  Milner Ga.


Got 'em today.  Love the look and the fit.  Hopefully my Cruiser Club buddies will like them too.  Thanks for rushing them in.
                                               Tom , West Chester PA.


                                                        EVERYWHERE  USA


As Motorcyclists, we see a lot of people
trying to peddle a lot of gimmicky stuff
our way. I have an issue with this
because I come from the school that
taught good products work, last, and
sell themselves. It seems that we are so
inundated with poor quality products
that do not do what they are advertised
to do, or the scenario has to be so
specific and played just right for the
item to work as stated. I see most
vendors at motorcycle shows and
gatherings as just another “As Seen on
TV” vendor. I admit I am jaded.

Enter Bill Granzig of Tyler Tops,

When Bill contacted Monkey Butt
Radio and offered to send us some
samples of his product, I thought of
Vince on the ShamWow commercials
trying to sell us something that has
been done a thousand times before
with no noticeable improvements.
When I heard his pitch about the
capabilities of his product, I thought
“But wait, there’s more!”. I must have
a psychological issue to be so grim.

Boy, was I wrong. CAPRAG
( is one of those
products that got it right. No gimmicks
here. How did I come to this
conclusion? The first day we received
the sample CAPRAGs, I put mine on
for 24 hours straight. That is right; I
slept with it on and everything. I never
once felt like I was wearing something
that didn’t belong on my head. No itch
like with watch caps, and no
readjusting like with do-rags and bandanas.

Next, the road test. Bill swore this
thing would stay on my head over 100
mph. An opportunity arose to go one
further. On the way to the studio, I had
the luck of falling in behind a casino
bus trucking along at about 90 mph.
As we all know, the turbulence 30 feet
behind a large vehicle like that can rip
any headgear off your head with ease. I
tucked in and braced to get beat to hell
for a good 4 miles. During this trek, I
turned my head all directions, sat up
straight and slumped, scratched my
head, and simulated wiping my brow
trying to get the CAPRAG to fail and fly
off. It did not budge.

CAPRAG passed the functionality test.
I now wear it every time I get on my
bike. No gimmicks here Monkey Butt
Nation. Get the CAPRAG and never
worry about losing your head gear

My name is Biggus, and I approve this

We’re on the web:
16020 N 77th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Studio line: 602/399-7787
Monk ey But t Ra di o
Monkey Butt Radio - Come get a whiff!

HI Bill,


They arrived yesterday. I absolutely LOVE them! The quality is exceptional.

We bought heads and will use them to display. We also made a stand up display and have the talking points attached so we can sell away. 


You are so awesome to work with.  


With Patriotism,


Margy Bons

602.246.6429 office

480.385.9600 cell

20819 N. 25th Pl. Ste B-103

Phoenix,  Az 85050


In remembrance of my son, Sgt. Michael Adam Marzano- MAM


AND NOW A WORD ABOUT CAPRAG FROM THE HOOD!! THE BROTHERHOOD THAT IS!! Hear what the President of the International Brotherhood of Teamster Riders has to say about his recent Caprag experience on his ride to Sturgis. " The Caprag was awesome. It seemed to get better the more I wore it. I still love how well it was made. The Caprag will be a major topic at our next club meeting. I attached our club Logo" . 

Jerry Doubleday California


I received the caprag Friday. I tested it out over the weekend and love it. It was rained and sleeted on, withstood 105 mi/hr speeds and 600 miles. It performed flawlessly. I briefed the club on it and our club quartermaster is already taking preorders. I will link you up with them, cc line, so they can order. We will also use them as a fundraiser in September. 
Again, awesome piece of headgear for motorcycle riders. 

Anthony Andrews
Colorado Springs , Co.

WHY a CAPRAG??? Listen to what an experienced biker has to say about Caprags. NOTE!!! He just happens to be the the president of the American Legion's Legion Riders !!!

It arrived today, and I have to admit the quality is super.  I will be happy take it to the South Carolina event and the Rolling Thunder event as a suggestion for fundraising, and to show it around during my training in Oregon this weekend as well.  Maybe we can make some good things happen.  This Caprag idea makes sense and is needed.  I’ve lost more do-rags than I care to admit.
                                                                                                           Indianapolis, Indiana

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye!! Hear what Tim Alan Executive Producer \ Host of the popular motorcycle TV Show American Spirit has to say about Caprags. " Word my friends- this is the BEST! Headwrap Out There- Nuff Said try one & you'll know what I mean, CapRag Rocks! " Tim/ASTV. 

                                                                                                            Central Florida

Hi Bill
Just to let you know we are featuring your product in the new series of On Two Wheels here in Oz, it will also go to air in New Zealand around July. Do you have a distributor here in Oz yet, so we can ad them to the preview, ie these are available from ......
By the way mine has been used constantly here in Oz this summer, saved the old bald head from getting a bashing from the sun, when i have finished editing i will send you some screen shots.
We will also be featuring them on the Perth Motorcycle show, live stage show.
Western Australia


   What an Idea, this is the best item i have ever purchased 
     in 17 years of riding,  great gift too !!"

                                                                                                                  GQ NYC

        Janice L Stephenson posted on Caprag's Wall
              It's about time someone was smart enough to figure this out!            
        Thanks, it's very cool!


OMG!  I can't believe this product!!  GREAT ITEM!!!  My husband and I each bought one and WE WANT MORE!!!

                                                                                                            Anonymous  Bonita Florida

JUNE  2012      HERMOTORCYCLE.COM     Open Forum


Hi Bill Granzig,

I've just reviewed your contribution and approved it. It's now a Web page on my site. I'm sure visitors are going to love it as it really adds to the site.

It will be fun to watch the comments it gets. Let your friends and family know they can rate and give feedback about your contribution.

You can see it now at this link...

Thanks very much for sharing. Please drop by Her-Motorcycle again, and share some more! Remember, information is power! The more, the merrier!

Best regards,

incrediRides Denver Co. May 27th2012  Product Review

The CAPRAG is a great upgrade from a traditional do-rag. It comes with easy to follow instructions that allow you to find your perfect size and begin wearing it within minutes! Once you make these initial adjustments you are good to go and don't have to fiddle with it again. The CAPRAG is lightweight and has a very comfortable headband. I decided to really put it to the test and rode with it under my helmet on a very warm Colorado day while dirt biking. I rode for several hours in the heat of the day and what impressed me the most was that not only did it keep my long hair in check but it absorbed the sweat much better then I anticipated.  This was great news and now I can simply wash my CAPRAG after a long day on the dirt. It was very comfortable under my helmet and I actually forgot that I had it on. So next it was time to wear it while on my street bike. My street bike helmet fits a little more snugly so I wasn't sure how comfortable it would be. The headband once again proved to be comfortable and I had no hot spots. As for my hairdo, I found that I still had the dreaded helmet hair but the CAPRAG is so stylish that I actually enjoy wearing it and keeping it on during my breaks off the bike.  This is a great product and a great purchase for women and men alike

                                                                                                      Ryan Denver Co.

"I've bought 2 of your CapRags 1 1/2 years ago and looked for you at Bike Fest this year at Daytona but couldn't find you. I love the headband inside and they are so comfortable. We've been wearing them all the time when we ride and they are staring to fade. Will you be at Biketoberfest this fall?"
Linda, Jacksonville 

"Just wanted to send a quick note on how I made out with the cap rag, works GREAT ! I set it up as instructed, did not move an inch! I also let a friend try it and he was very impressed. He's ordering some on-line. Nice job! "
TQ, Rockledge,Fl 

"This is great…Stylish and functional!  Great on the bikes but don't forget about those windy car rides.  I keep one in the car for those days I can enjoy a drive in sun with the convertible top down. No more “bad hair” car rides. Thanks Caprag."
Sue , St. Pete, FL

"Thank you for your inquiry on how I got to know your product. Laurel and I were walking past your booth in Leesburg and stopped to check out the item you were selling. I was skeptical and said to myself, this is just another head bandana and probably will not work. Most bandanas give me a headache and I can not wear them at all. So, we bought one for Laurel and she loved it so much I asked her if I could try wearing it for awhile, and lone and behold, it worked for me and I wore it under my helmet and forgot I was even wearing it! Your caprag is so comfortable I decided to order a couple more." 
John A. Meyers, Jr.

"You were right! I adjusted the velcro strap the way you said and I rode down the interstate passing semi's and driving over 100 mph and I couldn't get it to come off even when I turned my head to the side! This is the first one that ever worked for me ! Great product! "
Rick, Baltimore 

"I just wanted you to know that I'm a repeat customer and a huge fan. I bought the first one when I was in Daytona during Bikeweek 2010. I ended up wearing it under my hardhat at work because it keeps the sweat out of my eyes. I have four now and wear them all the time. Several of my friends have bought them on line since I showed it to them. They are great." 
Josh, PA 

"Hey dude, you came up with the greatest thing ! Seven of us rode down to Daytona and we bought some of your Caprags while we were there. We wore them back to the GA line and nobody lost one. (and we were in a hurry if you know where I'm coming from) Then we wore them under our helmets for the rest of the trip. Best head cover I ever bought! I'll be ordering more!" 
"Greaser", Atlanta 

"We bought two CapRags. They are comfortable and they stay on ! But I lost mine. It didn't blow off, I left it on the bike when me and my squeeze stopped at Hogs & Dogs Saloon last week. Somebody now has my caprag. Please send my order right away."
John C., Peoria